Tip Of The Day

Keeping Your Windows PC Healthy.
First of all 2 important things you should always keep on your system is anti virus and anti male ware programs and keep them updated.

For The Most Part You Can Get These For Free:
choosing the anti virus is important some free ones will slow your pc performance because they use up to many resource such as AVG there is nothing wrong with this and it does work it just slows your performance down.

A Windows User Can Get Virus Protection directly from Microsoft:
We Have Found this to be very good and not use a lot of your system resources.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows 8 users Come with Windows Defender as well


This can remove and correct alot of problems caused by unwanted software that may get installed to your system and block dangerous sites that would potentially cause your system harm.
We Highly Recommended Having Both Of These On Your System to protect you form unwanted software.

Even though you may have the best in protection if a virus or malware program gets executed on your system it can render your protection useless.
If This were to happen in some cases a complete Re installation of your operating system is required. but most cases can be resolved by running certain programs offered by companies like Malwarebytes and Symantec can remedy this.

Other things you can do to keep your system healthy is to set up maintenance to run scan dist to check your hard drive for errors and de fragment of your system.